at the break

As we baseball fans say, we are "at the break".

The All Star Break begins today: three days without real baseball, plus this year an extra day off for our Red Sox. Although the actual halfway point of the season came last week, the All Star Break is a time to assess teams' and players' performance in roughly half a season. Standings at The Break are often - although not always - an indicator of how teams will finish the year.

And how are the Red Sox at the Break? They have won six straight games, 10 of their last 11. They are in first place in the extremely competitive American League East, with a one-game lead over the second-place New York Yankees and a six-game lead over the third-place Tampa Bay Rays.

And by the way, they are Unstoppable.

Four years ago, it was Inevitable. This year, it is Unstoppable.

For the past two years, Allan and I have spent the Break in Stratford, Ontario, seeing plays and visiting with our friends Eric and Kelly of Across the Bridge B&B. This year, we're saving our money - or, I should say, not spending money we don't have - for a special anniversary trip in the winter.

Instead, we're spending the 2011 All Star Break with our newest DVD boxed set: the complete Get Smart. We are really excited! We may also cover the final season of The Larry Sanders Show, and we plan to do a bit of socializing. Whenever there's no baseball, I like Allan to visit the outside world.

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