racist bus ad in mississauga, part two: we win!

Remember this?

I wrote about this here.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of my comrade Peter, we were able to organize the requisite five complaints needed to trigger a City review of advertising. And guess what? We won!
Dear Laura Kaminker:

Thank you for submitting your Request for Review on November 19, 2010.

The Panel has considered your Request for Review under Section 10.2 of the Advertising Review Panel's Terms of Reference (five Requests for Review were received from five Mississauga residents) and made the following final and binding decision:

The Advertising Decision for the Paul Fromm for Mayor advertising was not approved. As per the City of Mississauga's Corporate Policy and Procedure 03-09-01, "Placing Advertisement with the City" (attached for your information), the Panel concluded that the Paul Fromm for Mayor advertising did not meet the following criteria and, as such, should not have been approved:

1. The advertising does not conflict with the City’s core values, vision or strategic goals or does not adversely impact on the City’s identity; and

10. In light of generally prevailing community standards, the advertising is not likely to cause deep or widespread offence.

Please note that this decision will be taken into consideration during the review of future advertising because the Paul Fromm for Mayor advertising is no longer on City buses.

In closing, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, [etc.]

Although these particular ads are no longer running, this decision may prove useful in future battles against Mr. Fromm, or others who may feel emboldened by the anti-immigrant climate surrounding our new federal government and the new Toronto City Hall.

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