petition: negotiate, don't legislate

Please sign a petition opposing the Harper Government's back-to-work legistlation.
Minister Lisa Raitt,

I am urging your Government not to introduce or support back-to-work legislation aimed at ending Canada Post’s lockout of members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. Back-to-work legislation is an infringement on the right of all workers everywhere to free collective bargaining and only encourages Canada Post to remain entrenched in its demands.

Instead of introducing back-to-work legislation, your Government should:

- require Canada Post to immediately lift its lockout of members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

- require Canada Post to reinstate the recently expired Urban Operations Collective Agreement. Once this is done, CUPW members will return to work

- require that Canada Post give their negotiators a new mandate to arrive at a new Collective Agreement with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers that enshrines the principles of respect, dignity, and a sharing of the benefits of new technology.

Workers are part of the economy and your government's 'economic recovery' shouldn't be hurting us. Back-to-work legislation is unjust and unnecessary.

The Federal Government participates in the promotion of the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Enacting legislation ordering locked out CUPW members back to work is in violation of these basic principles.
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