lessons from canada post lock-out and back-to-work legislation

The members of Canadian Union of Postal Workers engage in labour actions. In response, their employer, Canada Post, locks them out. The Harper Government tables back-to-work legislation. The Opposition launches the longest filibuster in Canadian history.

What have we learned?

1. Stephen Harper and his government hate organized labour.

2. Stephen Harper and his government will always side with big corporations against working people.

3. Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party are a real opposition, taking seriously their responsibility to oppose.

4. The Liberals suck.

OK, lessons 1, 2 and 4 were already well known, and I strongly suspected and assumed lesson 3. I didn't think Jack Layton would achieve the pinnacle of his party's power and then become Michael Ignatieff. But it was still so exciting to see.

Lessons for the future:

1. Keep fighting.

Jack and the Orange Crush are prepared to support our struggles. We finally have a strong, clear voice in Ottawa. Let's stand together to fight for the rights of all working people.

Tim Harper in the Toronto Star: NDP stood up to bulldozer without getting crushed

Have you thanked Jack Layton and Libby Davies?

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