sign up to be heard on march 3rd: say no to the stealth fighters

On Thursday, March 3, Ceasefire.ca and Rabble.ca team up to tell Stephen Harper that we don't want billions of dollars of our money wasted on useless war toys and killing machines.
Join us on March 3rd in a national day of action to tell Stephen Harper and your Member of Parliament, “No Stealth Fighters!”

Ahead of the budget and possible elections, it’s more important than ever to be heard and voice your opposition to this multi-billion-dollar purchase.

The goal of the campaign is to send 5,000 messages to MPs. We need your help to achieve this goal!

Will you help us reach our goal of 5,000 messages to Harper?

Take a minute and sign up here.

More on the stealth fighters:

Steven Staples, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, at Rabble: F-35 stealth fighters are for 'shock and awe' warfare, not Canada's needs

Michael Bueckert, Program Coordinator, Project Peacemakers: F-35 Stealth Fighter: A bad deal for Canada

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