the arabist: five questions few are asking about libya

Yippee, a no-fly zone, because it's much better for the West to kill Libyans than for Gaddafi to do it! Hey, those crazy Arabs can't liberate themselves, you know. They need our help. Just ask the Iraqis! Those who have survived, anyway.

Some excellent analysis by The Arabist: 5 questions few are asking about Libya.

Thanks to Hysperia for the Arabist post.


Stop the War Coalition (UK): The real reasons behind the United Nations' Libya vote:
A new war has been declared in the Middle East. With the bloody and failing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan still in place, the USA, Britain and France are now committed to an escalating armed intervention in Libya.
Dissident Voice: Mission Creep and Slippery Slopes, Bombs Away Over Libya

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