jason kenney, project much? someone's lying. that much is true.

Last week, the CRTC retreated from its proposal to open the broadcast floodgates to lies and intentionally misleading news.
Indeed, the broadcast regulator now says it never wanted the regulatory change in the first place and was only responding to orders from a parliamentary committee.

The committee last week quietly withdrew its request for regulatory amendments in the face of a public backlash.

With that, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission was only too happy to drop the idea altogether.

Make no mistake, this dangerous idea was dropped for one reason only: public outcry. We did this. If Canadians hadn't spoken out forcefully and in great numbers, we'd soon see Fox-style fake news on Canadian TV stations, and the poisoned atmosphere that follows.

According to our illustrious Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, however, Canadian news outlets are already lying all the time.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday that Ms. Oda has apologized and that should be the end of it. When pressed by The Canadian Press on whether that was enough after misleading the House of Commons, Mr. Kenney shot back: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?”

Notorious liar, blowhard and bigot Jason Kenney is claiming the CBC lies all the time? Talk about pots and kettles!

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is asking Kenney to prove his statements or withdraw them. You can help.
Jason Kenney says: "the CBC lies all the time"

Canadians say: "Prove it or apologize!"

On February 15th, one of Prime Minister Harper's closest confidantes, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney let the cat out of the bag when he blurted out that "the CBC lies all the time".

He made his comment in French - you can see the original story as published in La Presse here. We have translated the story into English here.

More disturbing than Kenney’s actual words is what they represent – a sinister ideological antipathy towards public broadcasting.

If we don’t act now, Harper and company might come to the erroneous conclusion that they can get away with these outrageous allegations without consequence.

Please send a message demanding Kenney prove his shocking allegation, or apologize and withdraw it.

Go here to send a letter to Jason Kenney and the federal party leaders.

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