when there's no baseball, there's shakespeare

Today we are off to Stratford, Ontario for two Shakespeare productions and two nights in a bed-and-breakfast. We did this last year during the baseball All Star break, and I liked it so much, I thought it should be an annual tradition.

We're staying at Across The Bridge B&B, owned by two great US ex-pats. Last year they contacted me through this blog and we stayed there as their guests, amazingly enough. Now we are regular customers - and friends.

I have met the best people through wmtc. In fact, before I got back into activism and met people through the War Resisters Support Campaign and the peace movement, everyone I knew in Canada, I had met through this blog. So while I might write more about wmtc's persistent trolls, the real payoff from wmtc has been an amazing network of friends.

We've met great friends through Allan's blog, too, and there's a small subset of folks who read both, or at least read Joy of Sox and are not strangers to wmtc. One of those is a Canadian Red Sox fan living in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, and we're meeting him and his partner tonight for dinner in Stratford.

These are the kinds of things that make me really appreciate my life.

Tomorrow we may drive over to St. Jacobs, the Mennonite community outside K-W, known for its glassworks, quilting and a great farmer's market. (Also known for outlet shopping, but we will avoid that.) I've actually been planning on going to St. Jacobs on one of my mother's visits, as she's mad for handcrafts of all kinds, especially glass and textiles. This might be a preview, then I'll do more in-depth exploring with my mom later in the summer.

Tonight we're seeing As You Like It, and tomorrow night, Christopher Plummer in The Tempest. This is my theatre fix for the year! Plus a break from political and social concerns, which I could really use right now.

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