war resister phil mcdowell in national post: "i got a letter saying my discharge wasn’t supposed to happen"

Here's an excellent story from an unlikely source. Read about a man I am proud to call my friend, Phil McDowell, in the National Post. You might even leave a supportive comment.
Phil McDowell joined the U.S. Army in 2001, a month after the attack on the World Trade Center. He was a proud American who wanted to serve his country during a time of war.

Nine years after his army debut, his patriotism has not wavered, but his country considers him a deserter.

Mr. McDowell is one of few refugee claimants of his kind in Canada. Even though he had a change of heart about the war in Iraq during his four-year term, he completed his tour. Less than two months after retirement he was "stop-lossed," meaning his contract was renewed against his will.

"I got a letter about a month and a half later saying that my discharge wasn't supposed to happen," he said.

A quick glance at comments shows that many people still haven't heard about stop-loss. They find Phil's case strange and exceptional. If only it were.

Read it here. Respond at letters@nationalpost.com.

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