uk war resister to be court martialed on friday: one last chance to help him

Sign the letter in support of UK war resister Joe Glenton.

Joe Glenton, the first UK war resister to speak out publicly against the occupation of Afghanistan, will be court martialed this Friday. His support campaign in London will be delivering letters of public support to the Ministry of Defense. Here's one last chance to put your name on the letter.

Glenton faces court martial and possibly two years in jail for going AWOL. Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Defence estimates that 17,000 soldiers have gone AWOL since 2003.

So why pick on Joe Glenton? Because Glenton, a veteran, has spoken out against the war in Afghanistan. He's made it clear that his refusal to re-deploy is based on opposition to the unjust occupation.

Glenton was jailed in November 2009, then released on condition that he no longer speaks publicly against the war. His wife and his mom have continued to speak on his behalf. And we can speak for him, too.

Tomorrow and Friday, March 4 and 5, actions will take place in the UK, the US and several EU nations in support of Glenton. There isn't much notice, but there's one thing you can do right now to lend your support: sign the model letter. Peace activists in London will deliver it tomorrow, the day before Glenton's court martial.

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