mark sanford is really a democrat. just ask fox news.

Recently I heard someone say, "The only person happy about Michael Jackson's death is Mark Sanford." Suddenly the scandals around the South Carolina Governor's whereabouts, lies and extra-marital escapades are no longer front-page news.

But did you know Sanford is really a Democrat? Well, not really, but Fox News said he was. Please click through for screen shots!
When does an embattled Republican suddenly become an embattled Democrat? When Fox News is covering him, of course.

The network known for its conservative leaning ran footage of Mark Sanford admitting to an extramarital affair on Wednesday with a Chyron identifying the South Carolina Republican -- near tears -- as a D, for Democrat.

Fox News apologized for the "mistake" (no unnecessary quotations here!), but what about all the other "mistakes"?

InterShame.com - "Shaming bad behavior on the WWW since 1995!" - has gathered screen shots of Fox News identifying scandal-plagued Republicans as Democrats: go here to marvel at this wonder of "journalism".

[Pet peeve note. If you are inclined to wonder, "What's become of journalism today?" or to lament the decline of journalistic standards, you're a few centuries late.]

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