ignatieff: dion with eyebrows?

Yesterday morning, Allan and I watched Michael Ignatieff's press conference, and we thought we were headed for an election. At long last, a chance to get rid of this endless, anti-democratic, anti-human Conservative minority government.

I read the "I don't want an election," as a rhetorical device. "I don't want to do this, but the actions and attitude of the Prime Minister leave me no choice...". Just as when Ignatieff announced, "We hate this budget, it's the worst, it stinks, but...", the real message is in the "but".

We didn't watch Harper's reply, and we didn't watch question period.

Then next time we turned on the TV, the election threat had cooled. On The National, the "At Issue" panel said Ignatieff looked weaker as the day wore on. Today's Globe and Mail says Ignatieff was mollified with a few vague, minor promises from Harper, undoubtedly worth no more than the hot air on which they floated out of the Prime Minister's lying mouth.

Polls show Canadians don't want an election. But as a friend said last night, when do Canadians want an election? How does "never" sound? There's no evidence that the Liberals would be punished at the polls for triggering an election. The Conservatives sure weren't punished last time.

The Liberals aren't ready? If they're not ready now, what the $%^&?! are they waiting for?

If Ignatieff doesn't pull the trigger this Friday, he looks as weak as his jellyfish predecessor. The Liberals should be more worried about that than the wealth of their campaign fundraising or Canadians complaining about another election. Michael Ignatieff should be worried about becoming Dion Deux.

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