more conservative socialism, or maybe just plain old corruption

Nothing like transparency and accountability, the watchwords of the Conservative Government. No, my mistake. Those were the watchwords of the Conservative opposition. After forming the Government, they thought better of it.
The Liberals accused the Conservative government on Thursday of rewarding its political supporters with federal infrastructure money, saying more than three-quarters of funding handed out since 2007 went to ridings held by Tories.

The Opposition party's analysis of the $1 billion dispensed from the Building Canada fund found 21 of 26 projects receiving money are in ridings that elected Conservative MPs, Liberal infrastructure critic Gerard Kennedy said.

Kennedy told the House of Commons during Thursday's question period that it leaves the majority of Canadians living in opposition ridings "massively shortchanged."

"Will the minister agree to stop punishing people who did not vote Conservative and to use infrastructure funds to create jobs fairly for all Canadians?" Kennedy said.

Hey Conservatives, you'd better not anger the Liberals! They might say bad things about you, then pass your budget.

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