jason kenney stake out in progress

Right now at the Mississauga CIC office, members of the War Resisters Support Campaign are staking out every possible exit, as local police and Ministry officials help Jason Kenney avoid facing the people.

I had to leave before the big moment, because Allan needed the car to go to work. I was already very late, and Allan wasn't too happy about it, until he heard why I was delayed. All I had to say was "cops" and "stake out," and he was grinning.

When I get the rest of the story from other campaigners, I'll tell you about our morning.

And PS, to the woman whose friend's citizenship ceremony was disturbed, I apologize. When you snapped, "You know, it's not all about you!", you took the words right out of my mouth. Of course you stomped off before any of us could respond, but yes, it's not all about me. Or you. It's much more important than that.

More soon!

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