let them stay: general update

There's a ton of stuff going on in the War Resisters Support Campaign, on all fronts - legal, political and otherwise. It's far too detailed to walk through in a blog post, but I can tell you the rough outline.

Three war resisters still are in immediate peril: Kimberly Rivera and her family, Patrick Hart and his family, and Dean Walcott. For all, safety in Canada is hanging by a legal thread. Many other war resisters will be in similar situations as their cases progress through the Immigration and Refugee Board and the courts.

Our job, as always, is twofold. We must do everything legally possible to keep the resisters in Canada, and at the same time, we must work for the political solution that the majority of Canadians and their democratically elected representatives want.

Your help is crucial in both areas - and it's making a huge difference.

For the legal fight, we need funds. Even at the most discounted, rock-bottom prices, we are spending thousands of dollars on legal fees. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. And the large ones are great, too! For now, you can donate this way, but I'll post more soon about ways to give.

For the political fight, we need your support to be visible. We have clear evidence that letters to your MPs are making a difference. People have been persuaded. Minds have been changed. Our support in the House of Commons has grown, and strengthened. If you have already written to your MP about this, please, write again. If you have never contacted your MP about this, now is the time.

Three war resisters have already been purged from Canada. The next to go could be a family with two little kids and a nursing infant, or a family with a special-needs child. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if we're going to win this fight. But I know that if we don't fight, we won't win.

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