credit card scam

Several times in the last few months, I've gotten the same voice mail message on our home phone line. It's a computer call, and the message obviously began before our outgoing message finished. I hear a robo-voice say, "...press 1 to lower your rates, or press 2 and this offer will expire." The call shows up without a name, just a US city and state.

We have call-display - a lifeline for anyone who works at home and wears several different hats - and I rarely answer the phone if the ID looks suspect. But occasionally I will, out of curiosity, or to tell someone not to call me anymore.

This afternoon I saw a call from "Pomapano Beach, Florida", no name. I assumed this would be some unsolicited bullshit, but I was curious. When I answered, it was the robo-call I've been hearing on voice mail. It said: "We have been urgently trying to reach you. This is your last opportunity to lower your credit card rates. Press 1 to lower your rate, or press 2 and this offer will expire."

No identification of me or a bank name. Obviously not a real credit card company with which I have a real account!

I pressed 1.

The phone rang a few times, then I could hear the call click over to a different ring, like it had been routed to a different number.

A woman answered. She sounded like she was asleep and the phone woke her up. She said a bleary, "Uh, hello?" then said, "Did you press 1 to lower your rates?"

I said yes.

She said, "May I have your credit card number, please?"

I asked, "What company are you with? Who are you calling for?"

She hung up.

Pathetic. It makes me sad that people will get ripped off from such an obvious fraud.

Googling, I found several similar warnings, such as this and this.

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