job update: one step closer

Whew. I just took a lengthy, challenging interview and test for the college notetaking program.

I was not the most nervous person there, by far, and that helped me relax. (Is that awful?) I felt pretty good, but I won't know if I passed until Friday.

This work, if I get it, will be well paid, but extremely challenging. It will be certainly be more stimulating and demanding than my usual day-job work, and for some reason that appeals to me right now. After 17 years in the legal doc-pro biz, I could do with a change.

Both the interviewer and the tester impressed upon us candidates how important this work is to deaf students. Deaf services are provided through a government grant, and students don't get a second chance. If they fail classes, their services are cut off. They shouldn't fail because their services failed them.

I'm not sure we'll be able to go to a cottage after all. I really shouldn't (although we might anyway). We're not feeling burned out and in dire need of a vacation, it was just for fun. It would be my fourth week of work and perhaps the wrong time to be unavailable. We'll see.

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