free-tibet protesters home, but what of china?

The Canadian protesters who unfurled their banner on the Great Wall of China have been on my mind every day. What courage! What planning and organization! What a brilliant act of civil disobedience!

I'm so happy they are home safely, and that they returned to a hero's welcome. I was worried.

The Chinese government occupies sovereign nations, uses slave labour, executes its citizens, destroys the environment on a massive scale, enforces zero health or safety standards for workers - or for products - that anyone can discern.

But not only don't we boycott this country, we snap up its goods by the bushelful, we fill our homes with Made In China labels, because we are addicted to prices which allow us to buy more, to own more.

I'm as guilty as anyone. I look at those Made In China labels every day, and they sicken me. But what do I do about it?

On top of everything, insult to injury, China has been rewarded for its lack of conscience with the Olympics, because no one will dare offend the mighty economic engine. I won't watch one moment of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But all those Made In China labels all over my home, what do I do about those?

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