hypocrisy du jour

From friend of wmtc This Nurse:
Here we have two different guys with histories of anti-gay bias, among other things, gettin' all hot and bothered (or tryin') with their fellow man:

Florida state representative Bob Allen was arrested for offering an undercover cop $20 for a blow job in a bathroom. And he offers a fear of hunky black guys as his "excuse".

Glenn Murphy, the chairman of the Clark County, Indiana Republican Party, is being investigated for performing a non-consensual sexual act on a sleeping 22-year old guy. Hand jobs by moonlight. How romantic. Even better, it's not the first time he's been accused of doing the same thing. No charges, however, were filed the previous time.

Next time I wonder why those people are so obsessed with queerness, I will try to remember this. If everyone could just get their own shit together, come to terms with whoever they are and whatever they enjoy, maybe they could leave everyone else alone.

I know it's too much to ask. But wouldn't it be nice?

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