courage to resist

Army Spc. Mark Wilkerson was recently released from military jail in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Wilkerson, an Iraq War veteran, spent more than six months in jail for refusing movement.

At his sentencing hearing, Wilkerson explained, "I could not [again] deploy to a foreign land with a weapon in my hand, representing my government. I am not willing to kill, or be killed for my government. When I enlisted in the Army, I thought I would be able to, but after Iraq, my beliefs became such that I could no longer participate."

Soon after his release, Wilkerson joined Iraq Veterans Against the War. In the upcoming Veterans for Peace National Convention (St. Louis, August 15-19), he'll participate in a panel discussion on current GI resistance in the military.

As always, read about other heroes of the peace movement at Courage To Resist.

I will soon start working with war resisters who have come to Canada. More on that as it develops.

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