rotten fruit

Apologies for the tardiness of today's post. I am still here, and still blogging.

"American Credibility Flushed Down the Toilet," by Nicholas von Hoffman, from the New York Observer, won't teach you anything new. Nevertheless, I think it's an excellent, biting piece that's worth reading and circulating.

An excerpt:
There are people aplenty on the outside of government backing up the White House and the Pentagon; they disbelieve the nasty stuff. David Brooks, as loyal an administration fugleman as you will find, asks, "Would it be illegal for more people on the left to actually be happy that a story slurring Americans may turn out to be unproven? Could there be a few more liberals willing to admit that prisoners routinely lie about their treatment? . . . We're in the middle of an ideological war against people who want to destroy us. . . ."

Sometimes prisoners lie and sometimes their jailers do, but Dr. Brooks and his fellow warriors for the Lord haven't had much success in discerning which is which. Back when this endless conflict was starting, it was Saddam - not yet pictured in his undies - who had it right about the W.M.D. and David Brooks' people who were the tellers of tall tales. Though exposed countless times, they've continued to deceive through what is becoming the weary years of this winless war. Their most recent sojourn into the land of lies concerns the accidental death by friendly gunfire of Cpl. Pat Tillman, the patriotic football player who enlisted in the war Mr. Brooks urges others to fight. For recruiting purposes, the Army concocted a story about Tillman's heroic death at the hands of the enemy and awarded him a posthumous medal for an action that never took place. . . .
Hoffman's not obsessing on the Koran-in-toilet story. In fact, he writes, "Were it not that I am against book burning, book flushing and book shredding, I would urge that everybody's holy books, starting with the New Testament, be dropped down the very self-same hole". (Ha! Love that bit.)

Noting that books, however holy, don't feel pain - "Koranic waste management is the least of it" - Hoffman moves on to the real stuff. The sadism, the torture, the brutality - against people, who do. Feel pain, that is. After summarizing what we know about US-perpetrated and -condoned torture, Hoffman writes:
Mr. Rumsfeld's people fall back on the rotten-apple-in-the-barrel defense. It's a plausible argument when sadistic acts are sometime events, but when they are brought to light week after week in bunches, the rotten-fruit theory does not hold up.

At some point, somebody must ask: How come so many rotten apples? Who is in charge of choosing the apples? Who picks them? Who puts the apples in the barrel, and whose job is it to see the rotten ones don't spoil the good ones?
I don't think the Observer keeps stories up indefinitely, and they don't seem to have archives, so please go read it now.


allan said...

Check THIS out:

CNN Headline: Detainees, not soldiers, flushed Quran

"A U.S. military investigation into the mishandling of the Muslim holy book at the Guantanamo Bay prison for suspected terrorists has determined that detainees -- not U.S. soldiers -- attempted to flush the Quran down the toilet there. ...

"In one incident, on February 23, 2004, the report said a guard saw a "detainee place two Qurans in his toilet and state he no longer cared about the Quran or his religion."


It's clear (and has been for a long time) that they don't give a damn how nutzo their lies sound -- it's all a game.

allan said...

But wait -- here's something quite different courtesy of the Friday Afternoon News Dump:

Military Details Koran Incidents at Base in Cuba

A military inquiry has found that guards or interrogators at the Guantánamo Bay detention center in Cuba kicked, stepped on and splashed urine on the Koran, in some cases intentionally but in others by accident, the Pentagon said on Friday.

The splashing of urine was among the cases described as inadvertent. It was said to have occurred when a guard urinated near an air vent and the wind blew his urine through the vent into a detainee's cell. The detainee was given a fresh uniform and a new Koran, and the guard was reprimanded and assigned to guard duty that kept him from contact with detainees for the remainder of his time at Guantánamo, according to the military inquiry.

The investigation into allegations that the Koran had been mishandled also found that in one instance detainees' Korans were wet because guards on the night shift had thrown water balloons on the cellblock.


Oh, that crazy Cuban wind, blowing piss all over the place. ... Clearly, using the Koran FOR a toilet is okay, putting it IN a toilet is a goddamn lie and harms the cause of freedom and that never happened anyway, so stop saying that.

And waterballoons? Just more fratboy pranks on the nightshift, like Rush said.

laura k said...

Wow. Prisoners flushing their holy book down a toilet, pee flying through air vents, and those zany guards with water baloons. There's no lie too ridiculous or transparent for this bunch.

Soon only the extreme right-wing (like the guy who left that crazy comment, if it's real) will believe anything they say. If it hasn't happened already.