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We're already spending tons of money getting ready for the move. Last week we went on a shopping expedition for four "must-have before moving" items.

We bought the incredible sucking machine known as the Oreck XL Ultra, so our lovely new home will continue to be lovely.

Here in NYC, we have beautiful hardwood floors, requiring nothing more than constant sweeping and the occasional Murphy's Oil Soap to look good. But two large, shedding dogs + carpeting = disgusting. Oreck has a 30-day free trial, plus they throw in free shipping, a free canister vacuum and a free lightweight steam iron to entice you to try it.

The vacuum arrived yesterday and it's incredible. We tested it on the dogs' beds, which are as covered in dog hair as the dogs themselves, and we were astounded. It's also very lightweight (that's Oreck's big selling point), which means Allan won't have to do all the vacuuming himself. Yours truly, even with my arthritic hands and shoulder, can vacuum, too.

Next, we bought an Aerobed, so we have something to sleep on after the movers come for our stuff, and before they deliver it all to Port Credit. I think we'll use it for guests instead of buying a futon or sofabed.

We also bought an array of dog beds. We assume finding used couch cushions on the sidewalk is pretty much a New York City phenomenon, and we don't want to take their old mats with us. This will somewhat reduce the fur-on-carpet factor.

And lastly, we bought our first digital camera! Yes, it's true, there were two bloggers left in the world who didn't own a digital camera. We both enjoy taking photographs with our conventional Olympus, and are resistant to gadgetry for its own sake. But posting pics of our new home and environs seems like a good idea, and it would be fun to take pictures of our move and arrival without having to deal with film, telephoto lens, etc.

So we did it. I was, of course, amazed at how easy and inexpensive it was. We got a little Olympus, plus memory and case, for around $175. Well worth it. I will try not to post pictures of my dogs everyday.

Bad mommy that I am, I have been thinking about how much more money we'd have if we weren't spending a small fortune on Buster's eye drops each month. I'm not seriously considering allowing my dog to go blind so I can save money. Just dreaming.

And now, to work. I have completed three of five chapters for the Ancient Civilizations book. (Hurrah!) Today I begin ancient Asia: Harrappa, Mohenjodaro and the Mauryan Empire in ancient India; Shang, Zhou, Q'in and Han in China; Koguryo, Paeke and Silla in Korea; Yayoi and Kofun in Japan; and a focus on silk. I know absolutely nada about these cultures - before I wrote the book outline, I had never heard of them - so it will be even more interesting.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Do you ever feel like life is on hold until you move? It's sort of the way I feel.

I haven't actually spent much yet, though we've picked out a good $5000 worth of stainless steel appliances that we're going to buy (along with a $3000 living room set that will come later, and then there's a new bedroom set we want too...)

So we've got at least $10 000 worth of stuff we want to buy (and that's scaled back!)

laura k said...

Nice pic! It's amazing how fast the money adds up, even when you're consciously scaling back.

I definitely felt my life was on hold before we got our final acceptance from immigration. But once we did, time is moving very quickly - there are millions of things to do, and a limited time in which to do them.

Thankfully I am super-organized, and did as much stuff in advance as possible (during all that on-hold time). If it weren't for that, we'd be completely overwhelmed.

Now I must get to work!

Marnie said...

I don't know about Picturesque Port Credit, but in Toronto Proper you can find couch cushions and many other things set at the curb, waiting to be harvested. I walked by an old loveseat with cushions just the other day.

laura k said...

That makes sense re Toronto. It's definitely an urban phenomena. In NYC, students and young people furnish their apts with sidewalk gleanings. Bookcases and couches are very common.

We figured it might not be the case in Port Credit, not that we could count on, anyway.

Hey, we've had dogs for 18 years and this is the first time we've ever bought dog beds. 18 years of free couch cushions, that's pretty good!

Stephen said...

Welcome to the slippery slpoe. ;-)

Stephen said...


laura k said...

LOL! I thought of the exact same thing myself.

Wmtc is sure to become more "what I did today" after I move. My original reason for starting a blog was to keep in touch with family and friends post-move. Hopefully I'll find a balance between the personal and the political, as we feminists say.

David Cho said...

"Koguryo, Paeke and Silla"

I think it's PaeJe.

I love that period of Korean history!

allan said...

The Oreck will also be known as "The Millar" -- which can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, etc.


"Damn, that Oreck sure has some great millar action."

"Look at all that fur. The carpet really needs to be millared."

laura k said...

I think it's PaeJe.

I've seen that, and also Baeke and BaeJe. Do you know which is "most correct"?

Like most Americans not of Asian descent, I was taught nothing of Asian history except modern conquest. I'm really look forward to it.

laura k said...

The Oreck will also be known as "The Millar" -- which can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, etc.

Hey, when you suck, you suck.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

So did you choose the "racing yellow" colour vacuum?

laura k said...

We went with Red, as in Sox. :)

Marnie said...

>Wmtc is sure to become more "what I did today" after I move.

I'm sorta hoping it will feature your observations about Canada, and whether it's the same/different, or what you were expecting. ("Oh my God, do you know what these crazy Canadians do?!?!") We love to hear how we compare to others, you know -- especially if it's favourable.

laura k said...

I'm sorta hoping it will feature your observations about Canada, and whether it's the same/different, or what you were expecting.

Absolutely. I'm planning on sharing all that stuff. I'm glad to know someone will be interested!

Anonymous said...

Canadian politics are a breed of their own also. It will be interesting to hear your take on it all, given your background in the US.

dogsled_stacie said...

Digital camera - it's about time! I, for one will not complain about daily dog photos. And look forward to your take on your new homeland.

And I hear ya - carpet & dogs are a tough mix. I've never used a vacuum so freakin' much in my life. And I barely have any carpet!!

I love the idea of free couch cusions! Never heard of that before.

Anonymous said...

Hey L-Girl
Since I am going to be very busy tomorrow, I would like to wish you guys and all my Canadian friends at wmtc, a very Happy Canada Day!!


Now you can all take the Canada quiz and learn a little more Canadian history...



Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, This is Phill Provance again. I was interested in doing an Op/Ed piece for September which uses you guys as an example expatriation. I was wondering if you could fill mer in on all the info. My e-mail is pprovanc@bethanywv.edu. And don't worry, this piece will be very pro you guys, and I'll only write up the things you say it's Kosher to include. Hopefully this will get you guys some positive attention in it's own way. Thank you. As always a sincere fellow agitator shouting communally:

Vive la Resistance!
Phill Provance