creeping stalinism

G's comment here reminded me that there are about a gazillion important civil liberty issues going on in the US right now.

Flag "desecration", restricted internet access, and violations of the most basic civil right at all - the right not to be hauled off and locked up without charges or access to counsel! - are all part of the creeping clampdown.

The ACLU is your best bet for one-stop shopping. While you're there, you can click on lots of easy action-alerts to send some outraged letters.


Anonymous said...

Check out the CCLA while you're at it to see what's up with civil liberty action in Canada.

laura k said...

I will do! Thank you, G.

Anonymous said...

This is a follow-up to your Then They Came For Me post a while back ... fits under civil liberties so I'll drop it in here. Similar tale as to the one told there, albeit this one with a happy ending.

Do read - it's from WaPo - and is an absolutely brilliantly written account of a town coming together for one of their own. A lesson for all of us lies within, that personal feelings on an issue always come second to the rights of another.

Coming Out For One Of Their Own

laura k said...

That looks great, G. I will definitely read it, maybe do a post myself. Another story to give us hope.