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"The impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, should be part of mainstream political discourse."

So writes Ralph Nader and the director of DemocracyRising, Kevin Zeese. Read their well-considered case for impeachment here.

Vote to impeach.

And speaking of the I-word, amazing about Deep Throat, eh? I saw his daughter and grandsons on TV yesterday; I'd be very proud if I were them, what a neat piece of history to be linked to.

With Watergate briefly back in the news, we can take a moment to compare our own times with that era. The corruption, lies and government crimes were equally shameful and dangerous. But in those days, ultimately, the system worked: it ousted Nixon and jailed several of his co-conspirators.

This is not nostalgia. It's a recognition of what we've lost. Here's a perspective from John Dean. This is two years old - think of how much more we know now.


allan said...


Anonymous said...

Did someone say CHIMPEACH?

This site has all the classic images of the GWB Jr era.

Like this one

And this one also.

laura k said...

Wow, that Cometbus site is amazing! I know some of them, but there are many I've never seen before.

A pleasant break from the Egyptian underworld. Thanks!

Rognar said...

More on the Arar inquiry. Un-f**king-believable!


laura k said...

Oh my god. If that's true, it's really unbelievable. Shocking.

Rognar said...

Lock this guy up or we'll find someone who will.

Can you imagine it?

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

And in today's news, apparently
Washington is demanding that Canada checks passengers against the U.S. no-fly list *for domestic flights within Canada*

"Currently, any plane flying in or out of the United States must provide authorities with a passenger manifest and any person considered a security risk by the U.S. may be pulled from the plane.

But a new American proposal attempts to go one step further by demanding that any flight passing through U.S. airspace, even if it doesn't land, must first submit its passengers' names, citizenship, birthdays, and possibly their addresses and credit card details.

Many flights, for example Montreal to Halifax, or Toronto to Calgary, cross U.S. airspace to save time and fuel."

laura k said...

Also unbelievable!

Thanks for this info, Kyle and Rob. I'll post about it, probably over the weekend.