hope for the future

A college senior writes about "an unspoken civil disobedience" and a new motto - why fight? - as Generation Y refuses to be taken in.

I'd personally like to see that joined with what he calls "our parents' wild flood-the-reflecting-pool protests" - private resistance, public demonstration of strength and support. But either way, it's hell no, we won't go.

He closes with this:
Maybe if you had in the first place, your electoral outlook for the next 20 years wouldn't seem so bleak. For now, enjoy the power you've got with this one little caveat in mind: Since you seem to want to play in your sandbox so much, you will end up fighting the war with something like "an army of one."
Thank you, Phill Provance. And congratulations on getting the Op-Ed in the Baltimore Sun!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for recognizing me and posting my article. And thank you for the congratulations. It is very kind of you. And to the point: Yes, there is hope for this country after all if the numbers don't lie (which sadly they somehow manage to at faster and faster rates--do you think we might do better to have the UN check both parties' fact and tell the public the real ones??--)!!

And going to Canada, YES!! I'm personally planning on moving to France after grad school (oh, how my cruel, little heart would love to boil the cons by being a voice in their wilderness, lol!) and teaching and/or writing things back home to frustrate them more. The best part is, if enough people leave, we'll wreck their economy. So YES to it all. I mean, they're the ones who say "And if ya don't like it, git out!" (*Spitooo!)

Mr. Phill Provance

laura k said...

You are most welcome! Thanks for being part of the resistance. Best of luck in France and beyond.