Blogger's newest Blog of Note is breaking my heart. But it's also beautiful. Animal lovers, please visit the street dogs of Bangkok.


David Cho said...

Things like this break my heart. People should get real and neuter their dogs and I am glad to see more people doing that in America. I wish I had a huge yard to adopt as many dogs as I could.

BTW, a bit of news. Noah ate some chicken bones left on the coffe table (shoot me!). He had done it before. The whole box of chicken bones! Had to take him to the emergency room because it had been drilled into my head NOT to feed dogs chicken.

The doctor took an Xray and basically said that because he was a big dog with big intestines, he should be okay and said to watch him for the next 24 hours.

I am not taking him to the emergency room this time. He looks fine. Keeping my fingers crossed...

laura k said...

I know. The rest of the world does not regard dogs the way Europeans and (most) Americans do. In Mexico the street dogs broke my heart every day.

We are just alike that way. I want to adopt every stray dog I see.

OMG, an entire box of chicken bones!! Noah must have an iron stomach! You could try giving him some pepto bismol. It will coat his GI tract, it might make him feel better. Plus your home will look lovely in a new shade of pink. :)

Both our dogs are sick right now. They seem to have some kind of bug that is passing back and forth between them, making walks and poop clean-up a constant adventure. The other night poor Cody woke us up 4 or 5 times, and once she didn't make it outside (incredibly unusual for these well-trained apartment-dwelling creatures). No one got any sleep.

We're going back to the vet this week to try different antibiotics.

Good luck with Noah, I hope he crunched those bones well and will be ok.

David Cho said...

Well, clarification here. This time he ate only 3-4 legs. Four years ago, I took him to the emergency room after he ate the entire box of rotisserie chicken.

I bought the whole box, came home around 11 PM, jumped into the shower thinking about the rotisserie chicken to fill my empty stomach. Came out of the show to see the whole box licked completely clean, with no trace of what was in the box. That was a meal and a half!

Sorry to hear about Cody and Buster. I hope they get better. How's Buster's vision?

laura k said...

OK, now I get it. It's the prior chicken-bone-eating incident that brought you to the emergency room.

Rule #1 of living with dogs, as I'm sure you know: never leave food unattended at coffee-table height!

We have a wild story about the day Gypsy and Clyde (our first dogs) got into their food containers. It also happened twice! At least the second time we knew what to do. I will email you the story, you'll enjoy it.

Thanks for asking about Buster. We just took him for an eye check (every-other month). Apparently it is status quo - he can still see, the drops and meds are still working. The vet eye doc even gave us the name of someone in Toronto, which is great.

laura k said...

P.S. The pepto might help settle his stomach anyway.