amazing but true

I just learned that yesterday - yesterday! - W claimed that the US invaded Iraq because of September 11th.

Nothing shocks me; very little even surprises me. But I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open, amazed at the sheer audacity of these people. I won't try to recap, I'll just link to Redsock, who found the whole story at DU. If you haven't seen this elsewhere yet, please go read it right away.

If people's lives weren't at stake, this would be a hilarious. Instead, it's enraging and heartbreaking and... I'm out of adjectives. Let me know if you have any I can borrow.


Anonymous said...

Criminal! So many Americans either already believe or suspect that Iraqis are responsible for the September 11 attacks, regardless of the evidence, that W's reiteration of that falsehood is sure to elevate his popularity beyond its current low (but still absurdly high) levels. Sick, sick, sick.

Anonymous said...

Neither shocking nor surprising. Well, one aspect is: Dubya's paying attention to Downing Street! Dare I say he's recognized it's importance and where it all might lead?

Add to that the renewal of the "where's Osama" question lately amidst the supposed announcement that he is still very much alive and possibly in Iran.

It's the old adage: when the pressure is on, find another excuse to justify the unjustifiable and suckerpunch the people's emotions to get them onto your side. 9/11 is the perfect tool.

The question is, will people remember the previous reasons for the war and realize the perfect tool is Dubya himself?

Let's run down the list of lies:
- Saddam is a threat and must go (aka Project 'Finish What Daddy Couldn't')
- WMDs (aka Project 'Manufacture Cold War Fears')
- Iraq linked to Osama and terrorism (aka Project 'Deflect Pressure Of Project 'Get The Bad Guy' Failure')
- Democracy/Liberation/Freedom Fries for the Iraqis (aka Project 'We Are The World')
- 9/11 (the latest reason - aka Project 'Cash In On Emotional Trauma Of The People')

Those are the biggies. All already proven to be lies (the latest one proven way back when with the false Osama link). Fill me in on what I missed.

Nice to see we're going circular now. Betcha in two months we'll hear from Dubya that Iraq has WMDs again. Why not? Would fit the pattern of lies perfectly.

Anonymous said...

The scary part is that people seem to believe this... Reminds me of one of my favorite movies Wag The Dog.

"Dubya" must be want a piece of Iran now too if they are saying Osama went there. You think he would maybe try to get the last piece of the pie down before he takes another bite.


laura k said...

Yes Peter, you're right.

We've been figuring/fearing that Iran is the next target for a while. I've noticed many bloggers writing Iraq with a strikethrough over the Q, substituting an N - or signs at anti-war demos with an N taped over the Q.

Iran is why we fear a draft is on the way. How else could they do it?

Anonymous said...

Hear that.

Correction on my last statement. The circular motions will continue, but this time it will be Iran and WMDs.

Oh joy.