rtod: kids are jumping out of windows of burning buildings, so we board up the windows instead of putting out the fire

 Revolutionary thought of the day:

What I'm here to talk about is how our whole approach since day one has been like this: Kids are jumping out the windows of burning buildings, falling to their deaths. And we think the problem is that they're jumping. This is what we've done: We've tried to find way get them to stop jumping. Convince them that burning alive is better than leaving when the shit gets too hot for them to take. We've boarded up windows and made better nets to catch them, found more convincing ways to tell them not to jump. They're making the decision that it's better to be dead and gone than to be alive in what we have there, this life, the one we made for them, the one they've inherited.

From There There by Tommy Orange


allan said...

The Classic Example:

Problem: Pictures and videos of US soldiers torturing innocent Iraqis and/or posing with (or urinating on) the corpses of the people they have murdered are now on the internet for everyone to see.

Solution: Ban all camera phones from the military.

deang said...

That is one of the best metaphors I've heard lately.