talk me out of buying a new blackberry (if you can)

I need a new phone. My Blackberry Curve is dying. I had to replace my original Blackberry Curve when the cursor starting jumping around (a known issue), while it was still under warranty. However, the replacement phone doesn't come with a new warranty! (That is the trend in these times of planned obsolescence.) So I have to pay off my tab contract and replace the damn thing.

It seems that no one is buying Blackberrys these days, because RIM is floundering, and because iPhones and other touch-screen phones are the in thing. But I really like my Blackberry. Here's why.
- I strongly prefer using a real keyboard, not an onscreen keyboard.
- I like how easily it syncs with my computer.
- I have a serious dislike for using touch-screens.
- Some new smartphones use a stylus! A return to outdated technology, in my view.
- I've already added memory for music, so I could use the same card.
- I can get a Blackberry for next to nothing with my Wind account.

But maybe I shouldn't. Are there good reasons not to get another Blackberry?

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