friday in the u.s.: support walmart workers

This Friday, on the biggest shopping day of the year (also known as International Buy Nothing Day), hundreds of courageous Walmart workers will stand up to their bullying employer and demand their right to organize, free of retaliation.

The workers of Organization United for Respect at Walmart - OUR Walmart - already have begun striking and demonstrating at Walmarts in 23 states. On Friday, November 23, the day after US Thanksgiving, strikes, pickets, and in-store actions will take place at Walmart stores throughout the United States.

Walmart workers have been organizing to fight oppressive conditions in their workplace, and Walmart - the single biggest employer in the US, after the military - has been harassing and intimidating them. Now these workers are exposing Walmart's illgeal retaliatory practices and standing up for their right to organize.

You can help!

1. Don't shop at Walmart! And especially don't shop at Walmart on Friday, November 23.

2. Sign the declaration of support for the workers of OUR Walmart.

3. Read the stories of Walmart workers who have come together to share information and organize themselves.

4. Join the movement and find out what you can do locally to support Walmart workers.

These workers are very brave, standing up to their behemoth of an employer during very difficult economic times. Their fight is every worker's fight. Please do what you can.

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