pancakes, pups, palestine: mini-holiday in london, ontario

We've just returned from a visit with our friends David and Stephanie in London, Ontario. We had such a lovely, relaxing time - plus we were off from work the previous weekend for wmtc7 - that it really felt like a mini vacation. It was also Diego's first time going away with us! He did very well, although Negrita, whose home we invaded, may not agree.

This get-together was definitely long-awaited. Last summer we cancelled because of Tala's injury (she could barely walk at the time), and the summer before our schedules refused to mesh.

David and Stephanie live in a beautiful old house full of books, art, and radical politics. Stephanie went to great lengths to make our visit special, especially in the kitchen. We easily could have been in a bed-and-breakfast or a country inn. I'm pretty sure we took a few breaks from eating and drinking to take walks with the dogs.

The gathering was also an opportunity for activism and education. David has a presentation about his experience with the Canadian Boat to Gaza, and I hadn't been able to attend his appearance in Toronto. So on Wednesday night, David and Stephanie invited some of their neighbours, set up a projector in the backyard, and passed around a few beers, and David gave his talk and answered questions.

I want to share as much of the talk as possible, and tell wmtc readers about an exciting new initiative in the movement to free Palestine. More soon.

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