memo to rcmp and csis: it's not the environmentalists who are radical. it's the harper government.

CBC reports that a heavily censored, declassified report obtained by the Canadian Press shows that the RCMP (with input from CSIS and the CBSA) have issued warnings about the supposedly growing threat of radical environmentalism in Canada.

Isn't that convenient. With the Harper Government branding everyone who opposes their anti-environment, anti-human, profit-over-all agenda as dangerous radicals, we can now hear it direct from the spying-enforcement agencies themselves. Supposedly Greenpeace and other environmental groups are dangerous and might become violent.

As Yossi Cadan, campaigns director for Greenpeace Canada, is quoted as saying:
There is a difference between breaking the law and criminal activities. . . . It's true that the distance between the government policy and the environmental movement is growing, but I don't think that the movement is getting more radical.
The Harper GovernmentTM, on the other hand, is trying to radically remake Canada in its own image: a country whose laws derive from ignorance, bigotry, and emotion rather than science, fact, and rationality. A country that gleefully destroys our environment so that a few may profit. A militarized country, where peace and safe refuge are scorned as naive and wasteful, and the only social programs worth funding involve guns, bombs, or prisons.

People who oppose this government's dangerous policies are not radical. We are ordinary Canadians. It's the government that's radical.

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