you can fight your excessive water bill

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If you've received an excessive water bill, there may be an error in your reading, even if the water meter is working correctly. My partner and I recently filed a small claims lawsuit against the Region of Peel to recover excessive water charges we were forced to pay. The judge awarded us a full refund, plus court fees, plus money for our time and effort, plus interest.

If you have received a water bill that is 10 times (or more) your normal rate, and there are no leaks or plumbing issues in your home, and your subsequent bills show normal usage, this may apply to you. To read details of our experience, go here:

advice needed: we really did not use all this water

water bill woes continue. help needed. really really needed.

in which we kick peel's butt

lesson: fight your excessive water bill (My partner's blog)

I haven't written about our preparation for the case or our evidence at trial. If you would like more details, please email me.

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