we like lists: lists of lists of lists

On our DIY top-ten list, M@ made a top-ten list of top-ten lists. David Weinberger, author of Everything Is Miscellaneous, takes it up a level, with a top ten list of top ten lists of top ten lists!

I haven't read that book yet, but I probably will over the spring-summer. (That's the wonderful season from mid-April to mid-September when I get my life back.) Some chapter excerpts are on the reading list for my current "ROCM" class. (That's Representation, Organization, Classification and Meaning-Making, otherwise known as A Complete Waste of My Time.)

I'm restraining myself from my semi-annual (November and March) Why I Hate Grad School whine-rant-list, to keep your eyes from completely glazing over. Time to bust out my Imp Strump.
It's March. You're in university. Of course you're a mess. You're going to be a mess for a month and then emerge, blinking and befuddled, somehow having completed all your coursework, into a beautiful spring where you'll watch baseball and blog as much as you want.
OK, it's not March, but it usually is by now!

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