cause for rejoicing! hershey's bill passes second reading!

Hershey's Law, the private member's bill that would repeal the worst of the Dog Owners' Liability Act - that is, the pit bull death sentence - has passed second reading in the Ontario Parliament.

My heartfelt thanks to all the dog lovers who worked so hard to make this happen.

Go here for details.

Some time back, I praised Ontario MPP Randy Hillier for a principled op-ed on the G20 carnage. I was excoriated here and on Facebook. Surely there is much on which I disagree with Randy Hillier and the rest of Tim Hudak's caucus. But that doesn't mean we never find ourselves on common ground. Randy Hillier introduced Hershey's Bill. If DOLA is repealed, he will deserve our most sincere gratitude.

Thank you, everyone! I wish I could say I was part of it, but I have not been able to fight this fight, although it is my own. So thank you from me and from Allan, on behalf of the memory of our beautiful Buster.

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