(un)lawful access: watch, share, remix, and take action

Last summer I worked as a research assistant on a project about video surveillance in stores, malls and public spaces.* That project was headed by Andrew Clement, an expert in the field of identity, privacy, and surveillance. Andrew co-created this mini-documentary with Kate Milberry, about the so-called "lawful access" legislation being rushed into law by the Harper Government.

Please watch it, share widely, and take action. It is of the utmost importance.

I've posted this petition before, but we all get so many petitions and opportunities to sign letters, I wonder how much of it registers. Please educate yourself about this, sign the petition, and pass it on: Stop Spying.

To get involved, join the campaign.

* A condensed version of our final report was presented as a paper at this year's iConference. It won an award as one of the five best papers of the conference.

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