wall street occupation day 8 turns ugly: cops move on protesters

The occupation of Wall Street turned ugly yesterday when police moved on protesters, complete with pepper spray, kettling, random brutality, and mass arrests. Reading about this, it occured to me that I've neglected to blog about it at all.

So here's what's happening: OccupyWallStreet.

Here's how you can help: New York General Assembly donation page.

And here's why: war for profit, human-made famine, mass home forclosures, malnutrition, hunger and homelessness in the wealthiest societies on earth, death from lack of health care, poisoned air, water and earth for private profit, tar sands, mountaintop removal, white phosphorous, multi-million dollar bonuses... and so much more.

In short, capitalism leaves out 99% of us and is destroying the planet.

OccupyWallStreet is about the 99%.
See also: We Are the 99 Percent.
See also: the original call in AdBusters.

Yesterday's New York Times: 80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North

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