back to school

My classes resume today, my third year of four, fifth term of eight. I've been dreading this for weeks, but for the past few days, the dread has been overwhelming. I'm halfway done with the program, but for some reason, the start of this school year feels particularly awful.

Making me feel even worse, the only course on the schedule that I needed this year is only being offered on Wednesday night - when I'm usually at war resisters meetings. So I have to take off from the Campaign until December. I can do some work for the Campaign by email, but the only way to stay updated and connected is to attend meetings. Also, meetings are a large part of my social life - and during school, meetings are my social life. So it's a real drag to miss three and a half months of something I love for a required course I don't even want to take. Whine, whine, whine.

Thirteen weeks to go... starting now.

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