ontario, vote three ways and pass it on

There's an excellent new democratic voting tool designed to show us what the upcoming Ontario election would look like under different voting systems.

Although we can reconfigure actual election results using different electoral systems, those "what might have been" scenarios are never fully accurate, as people might vote differently under a different system. Strategic voting, for example, might not feel necessary to many voters.

On the other hand, the pitfall here is that people who favour FPTP may not use this tool. Still, it's a useful exercise and the results may be enlightening.

Three Ontario Votes allows you to vote in the upcoming Ontario election under three different systems: first past the post, proportional representation, and the alternative vote. There's information about each system, descriptions of the voting system in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands, and a short questionnaire.

If you live in Ontario, please visit Ontario Three Votes. Vote three ways and share widely! Many thanks to Imp Strump.

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