suggestions for movie season now being accepted, she says sadly

We now have an answer to the burning question: can a baseball team that wins seven games in September play in the postseason?

The Red Sox walked the razor's edge all week. Last night, a night of incredible baseball tension, we clung to hope, following two games at once. The Sox held a slim lead. The Yankees - we had to root for them this week, a grim reality - had a commanding 7-run lead over Tampa.

In five minutes, it was all over.

The answer is no.

[Huge sad face emoticon here.]

* * * *

So. Movies. Got any?

A bunch we never got to last season are still on the list, as always, including Made in Dagenham, The King's Speech and Barney's Version. For series, we're starting Sherlock and BBC's Planet Earth. People keep telling me to see The Bridesmaids, so perhaps my instincts are wrong and I'll put it on the list. If you've seen anything good in the last six months, fire away.

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