we like lists: list # 2: simple pleasures

When I posted a recent Facebook meme - listing your top 15 most important or influential authors - Allan suggested I start a regular list series. I surprised both of us by going for it. I've never wanted to do anything like this with my blog before. But it's fun! I like seeing what readers post; I like the tangential discussions that develop. I have lots of lists in mind, some thoughtful, some frivolous.

I'll label the list posts, so it will be easy to join in older threads at any time. Borrowing (vaguely) from Allan's popular "Everybody Loves A Contest" series, I'll call the series "we like lists". The "15 authors" post is the first in the series.

As for rules, we won't use artificial time limits like "the first 10 that come to mind" or "15 in 15 minutes". Take your time. Brief explanations - a phrase or a sentence - are welcome. Long explanations detract from list-making fun, I think - but I won't kick you off the thread if you digress.

Order doesn't count. Let's not waste time worrying about if something is your number four - or is it number six - favourite or most hated whatchamacallit.

* * * *

Since I'm in the US for Thanksgiving, spending time with people I love, relaxing and eating great food, I'll suggest a list of simple comforts.

Simple Pleasures: name 10 things that cost nothing or very little that can make you feel good. This isn't "top 10 things I love to do". It's small moments that sometimes bring you great joy.

1. A great cup of coffee
2. A great cup of tea in the afternoon
3. Crisp autumn weather
4. Reading a good book
5. Watching a contented dog relax outside
6. Watching dogs play together
7. Walking in the woods
8. Feeling part of a community
9. Seeing beautiful natural scenery (mountains, coastline, lakes, sunsets, trees)
10. Having a whole day to myself

Your turn.

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