petition to ban plastic packaging on local fruit in ontario

Last summer, I was dismayed - horrified, really - to discover that all the clear plastic packaging I've been throwing into the recycling bin for years is not, in fact, recyclable (details). I emailed with both Region of Peel Waste Management and my MPP's office, but ended up in a runaround, each office telling me someone else was responsible.

Later, I wrote about a related green problem: non-recyclable plastics and organic lettuce.

In short, other than buying eggs in cardboard containers, we haven't been able to cut down on buying clear plastic at all. We're not able to shop at a farmer's market, and so much of the produce we buy at Loblaws is packed in clear plastic, even if it hasn't traveled very far from farm to store. It really bothers me, and I haven't been able to do anything about it.

So I was very happy when wmtc reader and friend Stephanie sent me this petition: Stop Packaging Local Fruit in Plastic. It was started by two women in Ottawa, through a blog called The No-Plastic Project, which looks at simple steps we can each take for greener living, and maybe some less-simple collective action we can figure out, too.

One post shows a blue recycling bin overflowing with all kinds of non-recyclable plastic. The blogger asks:
Monday morning in OOS. Garbage day. The blue boxes are lined up on the curbs, full of plastic of all sorts and shapes and sizes. I see plastic bags, clamshell packages, empty flower pots, styrofoam, a watering can, even plastic furniture!! These overflowing blue boxes sit smugly beside almost empty garbage cans.

I wonder: Are people completely unaware of what is and is not recyclable in this city, or are they just incredibly hopeful?

I can answer that for one recycler in Mississauga: I was unaware - although not completely, just on this one point. Now I am just hopeful. I continue to put all my plastic in the recycling bin. Hoping.

If you live in Ontario, please read and consider signing this petition.
We the undersigned ask that Ontario Tender Fruit Producers and Loblaw Companies Ltd. stop using plastic clamshell containers in the packaging of fresh fruit due to the negative environmental and health impacts of plastic pollution caused by such single-use containers.

Sign here.

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