thursday, december 2: double the fundraisers, double the fun

This week there are several events in support of Iraq War resisters in Canada. In Toronto, there are two on the same night!

In the west end, Jon Brooks will be performing at Lula Lounge. Our long-time supporter Antonia Zerbisias will say a few words, if her broken wrist permits. And war resister Jeremy Hinzman will introduce and emcee. Admission is a suggested donation of $20: details here.

In the east end, Mr. Rick and the Biscuits will perform at the "Support - Don't Deport" benefit jam, to benefit war resisters Phil McDowell and Jamine Aponte. Details here.

The music will be great, the cause even better. Join us for one or both.

If you're not in Toronto or can't attend, please consider donating through ChipIn.

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