general says canada is "winning". give me a break.

My my, isn't this convenient. We hear rumblings about a possible election hinging on extending Canada's presence in Afghanistan, and looky here: "secret" military statistics show that Canada is "winning" over there. And who says so? Why, a general of course! Not that he's biased or anything.

This is almost as laughable as that stupid poll the Government and its media servants trotted out a while back. Remember? The majority of Afghans who were sufficiently dutiful to answer a survey said foreign troops were helping the country. (Small print disclaimer: that's 51% of Afghans who knew Canadian troops were in their country, which was less than half of those surveyed.) And on that solid "evidence" we're supposed to base the country's foreign policy.

The way the media fawns all over these generals is sickening. Canada is supposed to be a democracy, run by civilians. The military doesn't get to decide what course to take. But a general holds a press conference, and the media lines up to transcribe.

For me, the craziest thing about these efforts to prop up support for the war is how shortsighted they are. Does anyone really believe Canada and NATO are going to wipe out the Taliban as a movement? After the killing stops, why wouldn't the Taliban just continue where it left off? In which case, will Canada stay there permanently, to pick off Taliban supporters - and in turn be picked off themselves?

Enough already. Get out of there.

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