art adventurers freeze grand central terminal

While I'm posting short non sequiturs, how about some site-specific performance art from New York City? 207 people stood perfectly still for five minutes in the main hall of Grand Central Terminal. Go to Improv Everywhere to see some of the results.

I love this kind of thing. And it's wonderful to see the main hall in Grand Central, one of the most beautiful public spaces anywhere (although marred by those huge ugly flags). If you've read Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale, you'll always look up to see the stars. A nice click-to-enlarge photo (sans flag) here.

I'm a bit shocked that, for all the work that must have gone into staging this event, Improv Everywhere didn't bother to get the name of the building right. It's Grand Central Terminal. There is a Grand Central Station, but it's a nondescript postal facility.

Thanks to James, via Boing Boing. But go here to see more.

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