I used to do these "search string of the day" posts every so often. Then I changed the way the blog was published, and lost my stats. One little advantage to going back to a blogspot URL is that I have Statcounter again.

Here's the latest in a collection of search strings that lead people to wmtc - along with the usual "moving to Canada," "want to move to Canada," "how do I move to Canada," "is it hard to move to Canada," and other variations on that theme.
customer review on outlet shopping south of the border from Niagara Canada

what is considered a professional hairstyle for a black person

no iron sheets in canada

has Canadian healthcare stayed the same or is it different for society of the yesterday and today and tomorrow

why do people join the national guard

how to write a cheque in canada

how to write a america cheque

will canadians get rid of the neocon harper

i just move to canada will they use my US credit history to apply for a mortgage

quiffing girl

are canadian women having sex in afghanistan while serving in the canadian forces

why did the usa move to canada

416 vs 647 vs 905 cell phone area code

Why did the USA move to Canada, anyway?

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