national call-in day to support us war resisters in canada

Today is the national call-in day to support US war resisters in Canada. Please take a few moments and contact your MP and other key figures in government. The message: Let Them Stay.

I posted key talking points, phone numbers, email addresses and other information here.

Even if you only leave the briefest of messages - "I believe Canada should allow US war resisters to stay in the country" - it will make a difference. This is a critical time to put pressure on Canadian elected officials, ministers and critics. We believe the majority of Canadians do not want to see war resisters forcibly deported to the US. But that majority has to be heard.

If you make a phone call and want to do more, I suggest speaking to a friend or co-worker about the war resisters. See if you can get one more person to make a phone call. Recommend the Support Campaign website or Joshua Key's book, The Deserter's Tale.

More information here.

Also, the Support Campaign would love to hear about your efforts. Feel free to send them a report at resisters@sympatico.ca.

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