enough already! call an election!

The Liberal Party is like a bunch of spoiled brats, in reverse. If things don't go their way, they don't stomp out of the room, they stay in it. Hey Liberals, I got an idea: do what's best for Canada for a change, instead of what's best for yourselves.

The NDP knows this Conservative government is not worth propping up; so does the Bloc. It's time for the Liberals to stop staring at themselves in the mirror and get to work.

If non-Canadian readers are wondering what I'm referring to, last night was the Throne Speech. The Governor General, the Queen's representative in Canada, read the Speech from the Throne, which outlines the Government's agenda and goals. In Britain, Canada and other other parliamentary countries that retain a link to a monarchy, the Throne Speech is read by the Head of State, who is neutral, but it is the Government's (think: administration) agenda.

Canada's current Governor General is Michaƫlle Jean, who I love.

Canada's current Government, on the other hand, has got to go. Many progressive Canadians seem to criticize the Harper government without mentioning that they're a minority - they need the consent of the other parties to stay in power. In this case, the only thing standing between Canadians and a federal election are the Liberals.

The Liberals will announce today whether or not they will support the Throne Speech. Some political analysts think that "the Liberal front bench - Dion and his shadow cabinet — will vote against the throne speech and that the backbenchers will either abstain or not show up, which would allow the throne speech to pass." I hope we don't see such craven politicking. Canada deserves better than that.

There were several objectionable items in last night's Throne Speech. What Canada doesn't need:
- the war in Afghanistan extended until 2011,
- tax cuts,
- trashing Kyoto goals and letting environmental priorities slide for another 15 years,
- conservative so-called "tough on crime" legislation, and
- the Liberals supporting all this.

Enough already: it's election time.

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