wmtc night at skydome, part 2

Last night was another successful wmtc night at Skydome, with a handy 9-3 Sox win. The dome was open, Dice-K was on, and a good time was had by all, I think. We met Woti-Woti, who reads both JoS and wmtc, and is a long-time Canadian Red Sox fan and all around good guy. Also in attendance: Mason of Life Without Borders (Nick was home with the flu), M@, James and Lori, Scott M and Dawn, and Dianne, a silent but loyal reader.

Scott M is the friend of wmtc who volunteered to get us half-price tickets, then arranged the whole thing. Allan and I are going to every Red Sox-Blue Jays game this year, all at half price, courtesy of Scott (and Ted Rogers). Blog-friends are so cool.

Our poor Tala is very sick. We've decided to treat this one symptomatically, and we'll keep her on the special diet. But if these intestinal troubles recur one more time, we have to start some testing to see what might be causing it. Did I always worry about my dogs this much? Or did our terrible experience with Buster leave me this way?

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