lay the dead at their feet

First the Democrats hand the Resident almost $100 billion of their constituents' money so Dick Cheney and his friends can continue to reap mammoth profits off the occupation of Iraq.

They try to disguise this increased funding as a plan to end the war! How can you end a war by funding a war? By throwing a deadline for troop withdrawal into the sack of money. As if we expect the White House to give a shit about a Congressionally imposed deadline.

But wait, the Resident doesn't like the deadline! He doesn't want a deadline! So what do the Dems do? They get rid of the deadline! What else?

With an opposition party like this, who needs elections? Oh wait, they're not having real elections either. It all ties up so neatly.

Democracy Rising and United for Peace and Justice are urging Americans to express their outrage.

I sympathize that it's very difficult to continue to express that outrage, and continually have it ignored. But please. Do so. Please do not give up without a fight. Please be part of the resistance. Please stand up for peace.
From Democracy Rising & UFPJ-Legislative Action Network

"Let them hear your outrage!"

The Democratic leadership have shamed themselves. Instead of standing up for us, they are bowing to pressure from Bush. He will get full funding for his war, including the escalation of troops -- unless the rank and file members of Congress vote this outrage down.

The vote in the House could come as early as today. Although they have heard from us over and over again -- we owe it to ourselves, our troops and the Iraqi people to make sure they hear from this before they make this vote. Below is a draft alert you can use to alert everyone you know!

. . . .

Call your Senators and Representatives Now. Congress will vote at any time in the next 48 hours to give Bush a blank check to pay for continued war and occupation: 202.224.3121

Tell them: Vote NO on the war funding bill to continue and expand the war and occupation of Iraq.

Ask them: How many more fallen soldiers will we have to mourn next Memorial Day?

Congress is getting ready to vote on another $95 billion for the war in Iraq. It sure looks like the Democratic Congress has decided to buy Bush's war and make it their own.

Instead of holding the Bush administration accountable for their failed policy in Iraq, Congress is choosing to blame the country we invaded and continue to occupy. That's right -- the Iraqi government needs to pass the laws we want them to pass in order to prove to us that they are a democracy -- or we will withhold funding for reconstruction (to rebuild the country our bombs and policies destroyed). That's the way the Congress has decided to hold Bush accountable.

After months of promising us a change in Iraq, promising us they will hold Bush accountable, promising they will not give Bush a blank check -- the democratic leadership has caved in to Bush -- instead of standing up for us. They are writing him a check for $95 billion to continue and EXPAND the war. That surge they all claimed they don't like -- the money for it is right here!

Make your calls today, and ask five friends to call their members of Congress also.

And liberal Americans are voting for these people! And they say if you don't vote for them, you're "throwing your vote away". How can you throw your vote away any more than this??

* * * *

Update. I was in a rush this morning, and so angry and disgusted, I omitted some key points. Keith Olbermann reminded me.

The 2006 midterm elections were a mandate to end the war. The Democrats were elected specifically to do so.

I was strongly criticized for not voting in those elections, but I felt I could not participate in what I believed to be a sham. I was certain that the elections would change nothing.

Canadians often ask why Americans "allow" the war to go on, why they chose this evil, corrupt government, and now that it has been thoroughly revealed as such, why they don't dismiss it.

Canadians who believe the New Democrats should merge with the Liberals: behold how a two-party system becomes a one-party system.

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